Do you love to be behind the scenes? Have a sense of creativity in your soul? Or do you just want to showcase your creative side to help reach the lost? 



If you love capturing photos and moments at all of our district events and sharing them, then this position is for you! Apply below! 


Graphic Designers

Are you the go-to person when someone needs a graphic made, a flyer designed, or a question on color? We would love to have you on the team! 

Social Media Experts

We are looking for highly-skilled people who know a thing or two on engaging with our following & posting captivating images!

Creative Humans

Don't really know where you fit in but would love more information regarding our creative team? Don't worry! Contact us today!

... if this sounds like you, fill out the application!

** Please Note: after you fill out the application process, your registration cost for district events, if accepted, will be the same as a SERVE member.**


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Process on becoming a part of the Creative Team of FMD Youth:

  1. Pray

  2. Speak with Senior Pastor (Recommendation is required)

  3. Fill out Application

  4. Pray AGAIN! YES! It's that serious!

  5. Phone Interview with Creative Team Directors

  6. If accepted, accept Creative Team position via email, text, or phone call

  7. Register for the event as a SERVE member